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Presentation of PAEB

Within the framework of the national strategy to promote foreign direct investment and exports, Bizerta Economic Activities Park (P.A.E.B) was created in 1993 pursuant to the Decree establishing the Free Zone of Bizerte (Decree N° 2051 of October 4th, 1993) and following the endorsement of the Act establishing and managing the Free Zones in Tunisia in 1992 (Law N°92-81 of August 7th, 1992).

The P.A.E.B is under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines and governed by a public-private partnership regime. The P.A.E.B aims at the economic development and the growth of innovative high value added sectors.

The park provides investors with land and premises with a high-quality planning and infrastructure to accommodate industrial, services or trade and packaging companies. Today The P.A.E.B accommodates on its sites sixty leading companies operating in sectors of various activities.

Bizerta Economic Activities Park is distinguished by the quality and specificity of its proximity services provided for investors :

  • A permanent multidisciplinary assistance: administrative, legal and technical. It is also the interface between investors and the various concessionaires' services.
  • A facilitation of customs procedures thanks to the presence of the customs’ offices at the entrances of its sites;
  • The site maintenance, preservation and security.

The P.A.E.B spreads over 81 hectares distributed across three sites:

Bizerte Site of 30 hectares:

Located in the city center, this site is a physical extension of waterfront commercial port of Bizerte

Two sites in Menzel Bourguiba:

Menzel Bourguiba is a city located sixty kilometers north of Tunis and twenty kilometers south of Bizerte, It is at the Shore of Bizerte Lake, on the narrow strip of land that runs between the lakes of Bizerte and Ichkeul. It was formerly called "Ferry ville" and nicknamed by its French inhabitants "Little Paris"

An expressway links the city to the National Road 8 and to the highway A4 which links Bizerte to Tunis. From Bizerte, the city is accessible from the National Road 11 which places the city at the midway position between Bizerte and Mateur. In addition, the city is connected to Tunisian Railways network. Menzel Bourguiba has around 54,612 inhabitants.

  • The first site PAEB in Menzel Bourguiba (MB1) is of 21 hectares: This site is situated on the shores of the Bizerte Lake.
  • The second PAEB site in Menzel Bourguiba is of 30 hectares (MB2): This site is an extension of Menzel Bourguiba first site.