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Advantages and Benefits of the Park
Strengths of the park:

Rich in experience and know-how for more than twenty years, the PAEB managed to become an attractive host site for investors through distinctive services.

The Development and Operation Company of Bizerta Economic Activities Park designated by law "the Operator" provides three main functions: the improvement, promotion and maintenance of the Park.

Indeed, the Operator supports the intramural development of the Park; it provides servicing facilities meeting the world standards and offers investors a favorable framework to exercise their activities.

The lots offered to investors are fully connected by all the networks necessary for the company's business. The Operator ensures compliance of facilities to the urban planning rules, to the standards of safety and to the environmental protection.

It also ensures promoting the Park nationally and internationally, and also the continuous monitoring of projects located within the Park.

The Operator plays also the role of Park trustee; it ensures the maintenance, infrastructure maintenance and beautification of the park It continuously guarantees the preservation of public areas.

The Unique Interlocutor

The Development and Operation Company Bizerta Economic Activities Park is the Unique Interlocutor for the investors it guarantees the permanent assistance during the various stages of project establishment and operation. This service continues throughout the life of the company.

The Operator is the Unique Interlocutor for all paperwork, including :

  • Construction and setting up formalities within the Park.
  • Staff recruitment Support
  • Technical support during and after construction (granting building permits…)
  • The granting of entry into production certificate
  • Activity follow-up

The Service of the Unique Interlocutor is provided for free throughout the life of the company.

Other benefits
  • Presence of Customs offices at the site entries: Both sites of Bizerta Economic Activities Park are provided with customs office connected to the national computer network of customs, allowing operators to carry out all customs formalities on the site.
  • Secured and Closed Zone: The outside security of both sites of the Park is provided by a specialized company. Access to the Park‘s sites is controlled by badges, access cards and circulation vignettes issued by the Development and Operation Company of the PAEB.
  • The quality of facilities and infrastructure: The Park provides investors with land and premises with a high quality infrastructure and planning and equipped area dedicated to service activities (serviced lots, quality networks ...).
  • regime-commerce
    • Freedom of investment
    • Freedom of profits transfer
    • Freedom of repatriation of the invested capitals
    • Freedom to import goods necessary for the activity
    • Freedom to sell 30% of turnover on the local market for the industrial activities or services
  • regime-emploi
    • Flexibility of employment thanks to fixed-term employment contracts.
    • Freedom for non-resident staff to opt for a social security system other than the Tunisian regime
    • Exemption from duties and taxes on the importation of personal effects and a on passenger car for every foreigner
    • Application of a flat tax system set at 20% of gross remuneration for foreign worker.
  • regime-fiscal
    • Taxation of profits coming from export activities to a corporate tax rate of 10%;
    • Relief of reinvested profits;
    • Suspension of VAT on local purchases;
    • Total exemption from customs duties for imported raw materials, goods and equipment